The Opening of the 4th SPE Cultural Festival of Southwest Petroleum University

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To enhance thecooperation with petroleum universities and enterprises home and abroad, build anacademic communication platform and stimulate students’ enthusiasm to study,the 4th SPE Cultural Festival and the 2nd International Petroleum Engineering ProfessionalChallenge of Southwest Petroleum University opened at 8: 30 a.m., on May, 25th,in the library lecture hall. Chairman of the SPE Chengdu Chapter , vicepresident of Southwest Petroleum University Guo Jianchun, director of theresearch office Yang Zhaozhong, director of the dean’s office Huang Jianquan,director of admissions office Li Dehai, deputy secretary of the university CommunistYouth League Zhang Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of College ofPetroleum Engineering Zhang Tianjun, associate dean (presided over theadministrative work) Li Zaoyuan, associate dean Liang Guangchuan, Guo Xiao,etc., attended the opening ceremony.

Representativesfrom 13 universities and scientific research institutes such as the ChinaUniversity of Petroleum (Beijing), China University of Petroleum (EasternChina), Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu University of Technology,Northeast Petroleum University,Institute ofPorous Flow and Fluid Mechanics attended the SPE culture Festival. Representativesof Schlumberger, Weatherford, Yanchang and Shell Petroleum Company limited,Sinopec Southwest Branch, Oil Bridge, VerTechs attended the opening ceremony.  

At the beginningof the opening ceremony, the publicity video was displayed to review theprevious SPE Culture Festivals and help participants know more about the SPECultural Festival, like its purposes, processes, scale and influence.  

The Opening Ceremony

At the openingceremony, Guo Jianchun gave the opening speech. Firstly, Guo Jianchun expressedwarm welcome to all teacher and student representatives from petroleumuniversities and guests from enterprises. He said that SPE Cultural Festivalwas committed to building a bridge between the petroleum universities andenterprises, integrating the innovative thinking with the petroleum industry,striving to improve students' innovation ability and inspiring the developmentof petroleum industry. At last, he wished the 4th SPE Culture Festival a greatsuccess.




Guo Jianchun Gave the Opening Speech


Then, Guo Xiao made aspeech, encouraging the elites from all the petroleum universities andenterprises to communicate with each other, make progress together, continue topromote the university-enterprise cooperation and propel the stable developmentof petroleum industry through the SPE Cultural Festival.


Guo Xiao Was Giving the Speech



After theopening ceremony, all the participating teams and guests, enterpriserepresentatives took a photo in front of the library.





Participating Teams, Leaders and Enterprise Representatives


Next, the representatives visited the culture exhibition of the oil companies and the achievement exhibition of the culture festival to obtain a deeper understanding of petroleum culture.


Representatives Visited the Culture Exhibition of Oil Companies


Representatives Visited the Achievement Exhibition of the Culture Festival


Representatives Visited the Achievement Exhibition of the Culture Festival


After the opening ceremony, the SAT &SET forum began. SAT presenter, Wu Xingru, associate professor of the University of Oklahoma, USA, gave a lecture entitled ‘Paradigm Shifts in Petroleum Engineering’. Then, SET speaker, Zeng Qijun, vice general manager of Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Co.,Ltd, made a report themed ‘change and constant’.


Wu Xingru Was Lecuturing


Zeng Qijun Was Reporting


The SPE CulturalFestival will last for three days, and the main events include Sichuan culturaltour, SPE Student Summit, SAT/SET expert forum, culture exhibition of petroleumcompanies, Petroleum Cultural Festival, Petroleum Engineering ProfessionalChallenge Knowledge Contest and Software Application Contest. Representativesof the SPE student chapter, experts from home and abroad and elites fromenterprises gathered together, through the combination of practice and theory,knowledge and entertainment, they could communicate more so that theirprofessional understanding was enhanced and the innovation ability was greatly developed.








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