The University of Texas at Austin, USA, Offers Postgraduate Admission and Academic Exchange

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On December 22, Prof. Kamy Sepehrnoori, Director of Graduate Admissions at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Jijun Miao, and Wei Yu, Associate Researcher of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University were invited to give lectures and academic exchanges on graduate enrollment, and had a special meeting with relevant school leaders. Vice President of our university, Jianchun Guo, Vice Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division, Lei Dai, Vice President of the Graduate School, Yan Yang, Vice President of the College of Petroleum Engineering, Yili Kang, Head of the Institute (Office, Center), members of the Professor committee and Teachers' representatives participated in these activities.


Prof. Kamy Sepehrnoori gave a lecture on graduate admission at the University of Texas at Austin. He introduced the policies, requirements and application proposals and other contents of the Austin Graduate Admissions, and expected graduate students  in relative majors of our university to actively apply for it. He said that Austin also warmly welcomes teachers’ academic visit and communication. Subsequently, Dr. Yu Wei made a report entitled "Productivity Simulation Research of Unconventional Gas Reservoir". The report covered anew semi-analytical method for modeling and predicting the productivity of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, and a new three-dimensional numerical simulation software. Semi-analytical method introduced nodal method and potential superposition principle, which can efficiently deal with the distribution of fractures in groups. Finally, Prof. Kamy Sepehrnoori talked with relevant leaders and principals of the university about the joint training of the two universities, the visit and communication of our teachers to the University of Texas at Austin, the cooperation between the two universities and so on.


Kamy Sepehrnoori is currently the Professor, Associate Dean and Admissions Director of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the Deputy Director of the Petroleum and Geological Engineering Research Center, a member of the Petroleum and Geological Engineering Admissions Committee and Academic Committee, a member of the Computer/Information Technology Committee of Engineering College and other positions. He is a world-renowned expert in numerical simulation of oil and gas reservoirs. He has published more than 500 academic papers in energy journals such as SPE Journal and Fuel.


The event is a bridge between our university and the University of Texas at Austin. It is expected that the two universities will conduct extensive and in-depth cooperation on joint training of graduate students, teachers' visits and international research cooperations.


Prof. Kamy Sepehrnoori is lecturing

The admission lecture

Dr. Wei Yu is making academic report

Communication time

Communication symposium 1

Communication symposium 2

Photo of the participant representatives



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