Australian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering Yu Yibing Come to Guide the Work of the State Key Laboratory

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On the afternoon of December 26, academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Aibing Yu, Vice President of the Monash University of Australia, gave a lecture on the academic report and the construction of fluid mechanics. The meeting was presided over by Professor Xiao Guo , Director of the State Key Laboratory Office.


Academician Yu first gave a lecture entitled "Simulation and Simulation of Particle System" and "Comparison of Innovative Talents and Environment in China and Abroad" in State Key Laboratory A403. In his "Simulation and Simulation of Particle Systems" report, Yu gave a presentation on the application of particle system science in various industrial fields and his team's work on computer simulation. In the report, Yu et al. pointed out that the transformation of scientific research into industrial application needs to be studied and practiced in many stages. The laboratory and SIMPAS team of Monash University respectively in the corresponding Stage has its own prominent features, the future prospects for cooperation. In the "Chinese and foreign innovation talent and the environment contrast," the report, Academicians Yu compared the Chinese and foreign culture and university teachers and other aspects of the differences. At the end of the report, Academicians Yu encouraged the students to learn English well, expanded their international horizons and persevered in carrying out scientific research.   




Professor Yongqing Wang , Director of the Academic Committee of the College of Petroleum Engineering, Vice President Guangchuan Liang and Vice President Yili Kang, as well as Oil & Gas Well Engineering, Oil & Gas Field Exploitation Engineering, Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering and Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering, Fluid Thermal Institute and other related professional teachers participated in the discussion. After listening to the Department of Fluid Thermal Engineering and Professors of the Fluid Mechanics Institute and the status quo and development planning, Yu recommended that full use of internal and external environment, internal to strengthen the Storage and Transportation Engineering and Fluid Mechanics and other related research portfolio, the external rely on Monash University to establish cooperative personnel training mechanism. The aim of cooperation is to strengthen the win-win with the production and research, it is recommended that the two sides in the application of scientific research projects, graduate training, co-published papers, joint laboratory construction and other aspects of the depth of cooperation in high lighting the oil and gas characteristics of the real fluid mechanics disciplines. Xiao Guo finally thanked Academicians Yu for pointing out the direction of the discipline construction of Fluid Mechanics in our college and sketching the blueprint of the college. On the basis of the cooperation agreement and planning for Fluid Mechanics disciplines, with Yu and his team of guidance and cooperation, the Fluid Mechanics disciplines will be bigger and stronger.



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